Water Street Coffee Joint Photography Show

This post is very, very late. I had trouble logging in to my website and finally a good samaritan on the word press site helped me do it. Thank you random person!

I’ve had a photography show at Water Street Coffee Joint in downtown Kalamazoo since April 2. The show ends June 1st so there’s still plenty of time for anyone to stop by to view it. All of the photos are matted, framed and for sale  if you see something you can’t live without.

It’s been going very well and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. If you happen to be in the area stop at the venue, grab a cup of what sounds delicious, some good food and sit and relax for awhile. It’s the coolest quaint spot and I’m very proud to have had the chance to hang my photos there.


My photo show has been extended through the month of December!

I’m excited to announce that my photo show at First National Bank of MI in downtown Kalamazoo has been extended through December 2013! All photos are framed and ready to hang on the wall, plus any photo is available unframed and also can be printed in different sizes. Contact me at patricia@patriciagapske.com if you would like to purchase something different.

My first photography show


This past Friday I had my first photography show. It was hosted by First National Bank of MI in downtown Kalamazoo and was included in the city’s monthly Art Hop.

It was a wonderful night! I had hoped to take a lot more photos of the event but was so busy talking to people the whole night, which I loved and the way it should be. People were interested in why I took certain shots, how I took them and where. I never thought my nature shots would generate so much interest but they did and it makes me very happy. I did include a couple photos with figures in them and those were well received also.

A big thank you to everyone that was able to attend Friday night and also to the employees of First National Bank of MI for supporting me and hosting the event. I could not have done this without all of you! Also, the food and drinks that night were delicious, thank you for all you did! If you didn’t make it to the opening of the show it will be up for the month of November both in the lobby and inside the bank.

Spring has finally sprung!


Finally we have spring in Michigan! I never thought it would get here, winter had dug in it’s heels and did not seem to want to move on. I did enjoy winter when it was here and especially enjoyed my photography adventures in the snow, yet the seasons are what I love about where I live and it was definitely time for spring.


Since my last post I switched creative gears and began sculpting different pieces. I had an urge to do something totally different from my previous work so I went for it. I was also on a deadline to deliver pieces to Midtown Gallery and Metropolis for their “Humans” show in May. There is nothing like an artistic deadline to kick the creative juices in high gear!

I created these vase like sculptures from slabs of clay, adding and subtracting clay to form the bodies. I wasn’t sure if I was going to leave them in their natural state after they were fired or paint them. It wasn’t until I decided to buy my first airbrush (at the last minute) and started playing around with it that I knew I would paint them. It was so much fun and easy to use! I am very happy with the results and the pieces are displayed in the front window of Metropolis for the month!


Another artist at the gallery reception commented to me that the pieces evoked the feeling of spring with their vibrant colors and the way they “opened and blossomed” at the top. I was surprised to hear her interpretation as it wasn’t my intention that they relate to spring but I do believe that sometimes our subconscious thoughts come through in our art and we don’t realize what we had been thinking about until the pieces are done and someone relates their interpretation of the work. I love how that happens and I love how everyone has different opinions on my art, good or bad. I’m open to any thoughts and debates when it comes to my art.

I hope that spring has arrived where you live! Don’t forget to take a moment to stop and take it all in, see what’s newly growing in your yard or local park, even those yellow dandelions are beautiful.


Moving forward, sculptures in progress

In my last blog post I talked about how I was just getting back in to sculpting in clay and I posted this shot of the piece I’d been working on.


She had just been hollowed out and put back together. Many people are surprised that I hollow out my sculptures. I’ve learned the hard way that it must be done. When I was taking sculpture classes no one ever taught me a good way to hollow out the pieces, I merely turned them upside down and dug out as much clay as I could. In most cases the sculptures survived the kiln firings but ended up being very heavy, like a large bowling ball heavy. Other times I would find out after the firing that my sculpture had large cracks in it or had blown up in the kiln. I learned the hard way that the walls of the sculptures need to be as thin and even as possible for a more even firing. I now cut my sculptures in to sections, dig out each section as best I can and then using a glue of clay slurry that I literally use to paste them back together. So far I’ve not had one sculpture blow up on me in my kiln, I also attribute this to my slow drying process and praying to the kiln gods every time I fire.

Since the last post I added hair and cut out some holes. The large opening at the top was made so I could work on thinning the walls of the sculpture where I had added hair. The top piece of the hair will be reattached but I will leave the small opening at the back of her hair, it feels like a nest to me. I continue to feel the need to cut out openings in to my sculptures as if I’m exploring like a bird looking for a home in a tree. I’ve not yet been able to explain that part of my process and perhaps I never will, I just know it feels right to me.


I’ve started another sculpture that is stylistically like the one above. I’m enjoying this new process of building and let my hands do what they want. Obviously I do have a certain style in mind but I’m not getting hung up on the themes of my past sculptures.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Wear some green so you don’t get pinched.

Playing with clay again

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt like creating anything out of clay. This past year I went through a long and painful period of feeling burned out as an artist, it’s something I don’t care to ever go through again. It was scary and depressing. There were many factors that lead to this which I will remember to never repeat.

As an artist I’ve always kept my hands and mind busy by dabbling in many different mediums. If I’m stuck on one piece, I can move to another. Along with sculpting, photography is one of my other creative outlets. After slowly finding my way back to creating from the period of burnout I picked up my camera again and have spent a great deal of time this winter taking photos outside, most of which you can find here on my website under “Photos.”

Below My Feet

So getting back to the subject of sculpting and playing with clay, there were many times this past year that I would have an idea to sculpt something, attempt to make it and it wouldn’t work out. These events only discouraged me more and made me sad. I had to let go for a bit, allow myself  the time to heal and hopefully return when I was truly ready. A few months ago I started a piece and left it wrapped up. Occasionally I would look at it, water it like a plant I had hoped to save, wrap it back up and walk away. This was progress, at least I didn’t let it dry out to the point of no return or destroy it like so many others this past year. I finally hollowed it out and left it wrapped up, never really sure if I’d put it back together.


Finally this week I approached the piece again in hopes that I still cared enough to put it back together. I did. I’m not yet sure what the end result will look like, so for now, I’ll just enjoy the feeling of playing with clay again. :)



My sculptures have been published!

This past year I had the privilege and honor of being published in “Contemporary Sculptors.” This book surpassed my expectations on all levels. It’s a beautiful hard cover book filled with 84 international artists who I am proud to be a part of.

If you need a beautiful gift for the artist or art lover on your list it can be purchased on Amazon through this link: http://tiny.cc/jdmlow

My sculptures….

All things shiny and new!

Hello and welcome to my new website!

I’ve recently updated my website and I’m ready to share it. I could not have done this without help from my web guru, Nathan Norman, thank you Nathan! On this site you will find many different galleries that contain the varied types of art that I create. All the galleries are listed on the right hand side and are very easy to navigate. Please have a look and leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

I will use this site to post all works in progress, finished work and news about upcoming events. Soon I will have a link for email subscriptions that will allow updates to be sent directly to your inbox. Also in the near future the site will have a store here to sell my work.

Thanks for stopping by!